Mantelo: A Keycloak Admin REST Api Client for Python

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Mantelo: A Keycloak Admin REST Api Client for Python#

โœจ MANTELO is a super small yet super powerful tool for interacting with the Keycloak Admin API โœจ.

Mantelo [manหˆtelo], from German โ€œMantelโ€, from Late Latin โ€œmantumโ€ means โ€œcloakโ€ in Esperanto.

It stays always fresh and complete because it does not implement or wrap any endpoint. Instead, it offers an object-oriented interface to the Keycloak ReSTful API. Acting as a wrapper around the well-known requests library and using slumber under the hood, it abstracts all the boring stuff such as authentication (tokens and refresh tokens), URL handling, serialization, and the processing of requests. This magic is made possible by the excellent slumber library.

โฎ• Any endpoint your Keycloak supports, mantelo supports!

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